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Scotiabank TFSA Contest

I’m not sure how I missed this before, but Scotiabank is holding a contest where everyday it is giving away $5000 through random draws. You can enter the contest at this page https://5000aday.scotiabank.com/

From what I see you don’t have to have a TFSA account with them initially to enter the contest. As well, the terms seem to indicate that they simply cut you a cheque payable to your name. So in that sense I guess you could use it for anything and not necessarily just for a TFSA account. I personally never won that much money before, but I suppose since they are choosing a winner everyday it doesn’t hurt to try and I got the following e-mail afterwards:

“Thank you for entering the $5,000-a-day TFSA Give-away. Your entry has been successfully submitted and your name entered into the draw.

Whether you’re just starting a savings plan, have taxable investments or are retired, there’s something for everyone with a Tax Free Savings Account. You can:

– Contribute up to $5,000 each year starting January 2009.
– Choose from a range of investments like mutual funds, savings accounts, and GICs.
– Withdraw from your TFSA at any time, for any reason and all withdrawals are tax-free.

All income (interest, dividends and capital gains) earned in your Scotia TFSA is tax-free for life.

Learn more about how a Tax Free Savings Account can work for you, and open yours today!”

PC Financial Early Bird Incentive Interest Rate Bonus

I have been getting word that some people who have signed up for PC Financial’s TFSA plan before the official launch date got some kind of bonus interest incentive. It is not too much by the sounds of it, but free money is always nice especially since this bank in particular has dropped its rates pretty dramatically in a quick time.

At this point I’m not sure exactly how they calculate this bonus, but for those who signed up before January 2nd you might want to check your statement online to see if you got this bonus as well.

ING Direct TFSA Interest Rate And A Free $13 Bonus

While the interest rate for ING Direct was the predicted 3% as mentioned in the previous post, I never actually made an official post for it. As well, there was another detail about this financial institution that was worthy of a mention too.

Until January the 31st of this month, if you open up a new Tax-Free Investment Savings Account with ING Direct they will give you $13 for free. The stipulation from what I read is that you need to deposit an initial minimum of $100.

As well, during the signup you need to enter in the promo code or as they call it the “Orange Key” which is “TF13”.

This is also one of the places that indicate they have no fees, so that should be a relief for anyone who is contemplating in putting their money with them.