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Outlook Financial TFSA Interest Rate Drop

Looks like this financial institution has recently had a significant drop in its interest rate. Outlook Financial originally had a pretty high 2.8% offering and as you can see here that has dropped to 2.25%.

That’s a loss of 0.55%. This is the first credit union I have seen where the interest rate has taken a dive so far.

Outlook Financial TFSA Plan

Thank you to Peter for sending me this information. So here is another financial institution that is offering a TSFA account called Outlook Financial. It’s TFSA page is located at http://www.outlookfinancial.com/products_and_rates/TFSA.aspx

I did have a look at the page too and was trying to find its interest rates. However, the interest rate box is simply blank as you can see here:

Maybe I am just overlooking something or they didn’t actually place it up on the site yet. I’ll keep checking, but if you have information on the rates feel free to pass this information along.