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Vancity TFSA Rate at 1%

I remembered in the past Vancity had one of the highest TFSA rate which was definitely good for all the investors.  As of checking today though it seems like its jumpstart high interest savings account is only offering a 1% rate and it has been at this number for awhile it seems.


Maybe they will offer something bigger at a later date.

Vancity TFSA Interest Rates

Here’s another financial institution added to the list and is one of the only ones I have found so far that lists its TFSA interest rates for 2009 as you can see here:

I must say, that “non-redeemable” aspect of Vancity’s offer kind of defeats one of the main benefits of a tax free savings account where you can withdraw your funds at any time. The main benefit that they mentioned in using this plan is that it is like a GIC where the interest rate will be fixed.

The Jumpstart High Interest Savings at 2.75% sounds interesting though and would probably be the one that I would go for if I was to use Vancity.

Maybe they will add something different by tomorrow, but we’ll just have to wait and see.