The Lowest TFSA Interest Rate of All Time

Well, as of this day at least. And the award goes to…….. PC Financial. At an astonishing rate of 1.2% this is the lowest TFSA interest that I have ever seen as you can see here:

I’m inclined to say that it is trivial to invest in a TFSA account with them with that low of an interest rate as even if you had to pay taxes using a more traditional high interest savings account you would earn more in the end.

How is it that they are offering a lower rate than the big banks considering this financial institution should have a lower overhead without things like an in-store branch?


Spider  on October 3rd, 2009

Heck, Bank of Montreal is 1.0% for the TFSA.

pc_rip  on October 6th, 2009

As of 7 Oct, 2009, the rate is now 0.75. Amazingly poor!

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