Scotiabank TFSA Interest Rate

Okay, lots of people have been asking me if I knew what the TFSA interest rate for Scotiabank was. For some reason this is one of the few banks that haven’t posted the information online and I think I can see why.

But based on the review posted by one of visitors to this site back on January the 7th, the interest rate appears to be 1.75%. You can read the review on the Scotiabank review section at

Because of that interest rate, this is probably a situation where they would rather you go in-branch to find out than to publicly displaying it since it is fairly low. Thanks to Marco for posting the review with all that useful information.

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roy  on January 18th, 2012

checking rates on line – will most likely go with one of the banks that post its rate so I do not have to go to so many institutions. I see ING is 2%

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